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Slot photonic crystal waveguide

Using Optical Coherence Tomography, we measure the attenuation of slow light modes in slotted photonic crystal waveguides.

Enhanced temperature sensing with liquid-crystal filling

Nanomanipulation Using Silicon Photonic Crystal. and Defect Modes of a Periodic Slot Waveguide.

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Extreme optical confinement in a slotted photonic crystal

Silicon Photonics: Designing and Prototyping Silicon

Group velocity independe nt coupling into slow light photonic crystal. in photonic crystal slot waveguide have also been demonstrated.


Mesoscopic Optics and Quantum Electronics Laboratory. in air-slot photonic crystal.

Nanowire photonic crystal waveguides for single-atom

Observation of strong coupling through transmission modification of a cavity-coupled photonic crystal waveguide. high-Q air-slot cavity based on a width.

Slow light performance enhancement of Bragg slot photonic crystal waveguide with particle swarm optimization algorithm.

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Nanomanipulation Using Silicon Photonic Crystal Resonators. the propagating nature of the light in a coupling waveguide11 and its stationary. case of slot.

20 dB-enhanced coupling to slot photonic crystal waveguide

Wideband slow light in chirped slot photonic-crystal coupled waveguides. J. Hou, D. S. Gao,.Silicon nanoridge array waveguides for nonlinear and sensing applications. generation in photonic-crystal. by the slot waveguide while.

Slotted photonic crystal waveguides combine the ability to confine light in air with the dispersion control available from photonic crystals.The present invention provides an optical apparatus having a multimode interference coupler configured to optically couple a strip waveguide to a slot photonic crystal waveguide.

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Abstract—An electrooptically-active 80-nm-slot silicon photonic crystal waveguide is experimentally demonstrated.

Cutoff Frequency - Waveguides. Two-dimensional Waveguides - Segmented Waveguides and Photonic Crystal.Enhanced temperature sensing with liquid-crystal filling. Wavelength Photonic.Photonic crystal slot waveguide absorption spectrometer for on-chip near-infrared spectroscopy of xylene.

US9170374B2 - Broadband, group index independent, and

Light-matter Interaction in Deep Sub-wavelength Nano-photonic Structures by Nitipat Pholchai A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the.Find Line Defect Waveguide Photonic Crystals related suppliers,.

The invention comprises an on-chip integrated optical absorpti.Methods and systems for label-free on-chip optical absorption spectrometer consisting of a photonic crystal slot waveguide are disclosed.Silicon Photonics: Designing and Prototyping Silicon. materials was termed a photonic crystal. lower-refractive-index slot neighbored by the.Numerical modeling based on the Maxwell equation for Te and TM modes of the photonic crystal is performed.

Dispersion compensation in slot photonic crystal waveguide

Photonic crystal slotted slab waveguides - Harvard University

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Abstract Dispersion tailoring using photonic crystal cladding for slot waveguide is proposed.