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Miter saw fret slots

Took me maybe 5 minutes at most to cut 14 fret slots on this fretboard.Delta Machinery is focused on providing the best woodworking tools in the industry.

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The sled is runs on two strips in the slots on the table saw.

Precision Guitar Purfling Techniques Part 1. After I re-saw the fret slots in the.Saws and slots at Stewart-MacDonald - your source for guitar parts, tools, and supplies.Other tools which may be needed are a fine saw,. and several smaller chipouts along the fret slots.Learn techniques and secrets to creating perfect perfling and miter.

Removing the top guard allows contour sanding and the cast iron tables with miter gauge slots and positive.How I acheive perfect fret slots using a fret scale template with a miter-slot jig in my table saw fitted with a 23mil fret slotting blade.

Sled rides in miter track of your table saw—included miter slot stop.

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We design and manufacture table saws, miter saws, jointers, planers and more.

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Shop C.B.Gitty Crafter Supply. High-quali ty 18TPI Fretting Saw and Miter Box Kit Combo for Cigar Box Guitars.

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Find great deals on eBay for fret miter box. Fret Slotting Miter Box - for Guiding Fret Saw made for all guitars.

A Tool for Cutting Fret Slots with Super Accuracy. Get a long ridged miter fence,.

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Microtonal Guitar Conversion FAQ Q:. before we mark and cut the new fret slots. A hand fret saw may be made by purchasing a good quality miter saw of.Electric Guitar: Building The Neck. I set my sliding miter table to 40.

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I used it to cut fret slots in dulcimer and classical guitar fret.

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The ball-bearing guides that make sawing easier and faster, they hold your fret saw perpendicular to the fingerboard, and can be adjusted to match the blade precisely.

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I set up with scribe points to etch the slots, then cut by hand with a miter.

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Slotting the Fretboard. and use my Stew-Mac fret saw and miter-box as well. cut your fret slots BEFORE you cut your fretboard to shape.